Biodiversity Services

Biodiversity now plays an important role at a local, regional & national level. Planning authorities implement and advise on biodiversity issues through the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in combination with regional and national biodiversity action plans (BAPs). The NPPF states that the planning system should provide a ‘net gain’ for biodiversity wherever possible.

Typically, a biodiversity survey will be requested by a planning authority to demonstrate that a development promotes and enhances biodiversity in relation to local / regional / national BAP targets. BAP / Biodiversity species may not be protected through European or UK wildlife legislation but do receive planning consideration especially at the local and regional level. Particularly important species may include barn swallow, brown hare and hedgehog with importance being allocated as the species is put into a geographical context.

Quants Environmental specialises in site appraisal for biodiversity and in providing the planners with the information needed to undertake their job.

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