Protected Species Surveys

The legislation in the United Kingdom provides for the protection of certain species of wild plants, birds and animals at all times; some species of bird are protected at certain times of the year only, while certain methods of taking or killing wild animals and birds are prohibited.

Anybody planning a development must consider how that development might affect protected species on or near the proposed site.

Our team of experienced ecologists provide a first-class ecology survey, management and advisory service, steering clients through complex protected species legislation. We help to ensure that projects run smoothly and to budget, without unexpected delays or issues. At Quants, we look for solutions to problems rather than create them, and listen to our clients before we act.

Within Quants, we have an above average number of staff holding protected species licences, which means we do not have to subcontract protected species surveys to third parties. This also means our own staff are very experienced at what they do. You can pick up the phone and speak directly to somebody who really knows what they are talking about.

If you are not sure what protected species surveys you may or may not need to carry out for your project, please call us and we will be happy to talk this through. At Quants we always provide best advice for our clients, which is probably why most of our work is repeat business or by word of mouth recommendation.