Water Vole Surveys

Quants has substantial successful experience of water vole surveys, mitigation habitat design and licensing.

Water voles inhabit rivers, streams, ditches and waterbodies throughout much of the UK. Water voles are most active between April and October, although habitat surveys can be undertaken year-round. Water voles and their habitats are fully protected by UK law.

Identifying the presence of water voles

Our staff can undertake a survey to assess habitat suitability and record any signs of this elusive species’ activity. The most reliable type of survey uses droppings/latrines to identify their presence. Small sections of cut feeding material, close-grazed lawns and characteristically shaped burrows, also give the ecologists signs that it is water vole on site and not just common brown rat.

The survey will include an assessment of any watercourses located within the site and 100m both upstream and downstream of the site, where access allows. If your development affects water voles or their habitat, or is in close proximity to a suitable waterbody, it is prudent to undertake a survey.

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