Otter Surveys

Quants has experienced otter specialists and recent projects have included otter surveys within the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the River Calder in West Yorkshire. Sometimes surveys are conducted by boat, and we have the necessary equipment and safety procedures in place to undertake such projects.

Otter Mitigation and licensing

Otters and their holts are fully protected by UK and European law. Otters inhabit rivers, streams, lakes and coasts and can have large home ranges (up to 40km or river bank). Otters are active year-round and can give birth at any time of the year. Otter surveys can be undertaken year-round and mitigation can take place at any time when they are not breeding. If your development affects otters or their holts, a licence may be required and mitigation must be agreed before planning permission is granted.

For official guidance on otters and planning decisions: