Arboricultural Surveys

Tree Surveys and Protection Plans

Trees are an important factor on development projects and construction sites and tree surveys are a material consideration in the UK planning system. Trees are a key element of green infrastructure offering the built environment many benefits; they help cooling through evapo-transpiration and provide micro-climatic effects. Trees represent a key resource that can significantly contribute to climate change adaptation.

Tree Surveys

Where development or construction is planned on a site with trees, a BS5837 Tree Constraints Survey will be required as part of a planning application. This tree survey identifies all trees with a stem diameter of over 75mm and categorises them according to their importance within the landscape. This categorisation is used by planners to determine how a proposed construction will affect the trees on site.

Arboricultural Impact Assessments

The Arboricultural Impact Assessment identifies all possible impacts of a proposed development on the trees of a site, and specifies which trees require removal and those which can be retained with protection measures applied.

Arboricultural Method Statements and Tree Protection Plans

When mitigation measures are needed for the protection of trees, an Arboricultural Method Statement outlines the working methods for construction workers to follow during development. The Tree Protection Plan forms part of the Arboricultural Method Statement and provides construction workers with an easy visual plan to identify where tree protection on site is needed.

Tree Health Surveys

Trees are natural living organisms subject to environmental pressures and change. Their condition can deteriorate and tree owners have a legal responsibility to ensure that risks of damages through failure are reduced through reasonable means. A Tree Condition or Tree Health Survey identifies any potential risks or signs of ill health within trees and allows appropriate work to be carried out to make the trees as safe as reasonably possible.