Arboricultural Method Statement

Arboricultural Method Statement and Tree Protection Plans

During construction, trees can become accidentally damaged or even lost within seconds when not adequately protected. Trees take many years to mature and correct tree protection during construction is vital to ensure the trees that are to be retained on site are kept safe from harm.

Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)

Where the Arboricultural Impact Assessment identifies likely impacts to trees, suitable mitigation measures are required for the protection of those trees. An Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS) outlines the working methods for construction workers to follow and adhere to during development. The Arboricultural Method Statement is often required as a Planning Condition once permission has been granted for a development to occur. Tree protection measures such as tree protection fencing and ground protection will also be detailed as part of the Arboricultural Method Statement.

The Tree Protection Plan (TPP)

The Tree Protection Plan (TPP) forms part of the Arboricultural Method Statement and details the location of protection measures, such as the position of tree protection fencing. It provides construction workers with an easy visual plan to identify where tree protection on site is required. We provide the Tree Protection Plan in both PDF and CAD format to allow accurate positioning of protection measures on site.

Site Visits and Supervision

The Arboricultural Method Statement also provides information on any monitoring or supervision that will be required as part of the construction process. Monitoring site visits involve an arboriculturist attending site to ensure that all tree protection measures are in place and that they remain in place throughout the development. Supervision visits are carried out when construction works are required within the tree protection areas; the arboriculturist attends site and supervises all works in close proximity to the trees and provides guidance on working practices to ensure trees remain protected.